Contributions and support from local business help keep the Bay Area roadways safe from the hazards of impaired driving. The following are some of the businesses that make contributions to stop drunk driving and provide incentives for all of our customers. We would like to Thank 

Ducky's Car Wash


Devils Canyon Brewery


Hours of Operation

Sober Drivers is open by appointment 24 hours 7 days a week. To make an appointment call 1-800-787-6617 or make a reservation online.

Our phone lines are open from 6pm till 2:30am

Sober Driver Service

We drive you and your car home safely.

$25 pick up fee and $4.00 a mile
(please call for reduced pricing available at sponsor locations)

Reserve Online

Safe Party

Hire a team of Sober Drivers to make sure your guests and their cars get home safely.

$25 set up fee and $4.00 a mile

Reserve Online

iPhone App Coming Soon
iphone app
iphone app

Making the right decision about drinking and driving just got easier with our iphone app.