Who We Are

We are Designated Driver Services of California doing business as Sober Drivers. We are a non profit organization offering the Bay Area Community a reliable and affordable alternative to impaired driving. All proceeds go directly to the growth and prolonged success of DDSOC and organizations that share our values. Together with our partners and sponsors, we at Sober Drivers strive to effectively reduce the number of DUI arrests, crashes, injuries, and deaths on our community roads and highways.


Sober Drivers has partnered up with the Bay Area's best bars and nightclubs to bring discounts and peace of mind to them and their customers. Just ask the bartender to give us a ring at any one of the following locations and you will receive a discounted Safe Zone Location rate.

Sober Drivers is proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with Venutastic. Venuetastic is an event venue marketplace that is changing the way people discover and book venues. Sober Drivers believes in the future of online venue reservations and is excited about offering Sober Driver services for venutastic events and venues.

Larry Flint's Hustler Club
New Harbor
Half Moon Bay Brewing Company


Let Us DO The Driving
Enjoy a Night on the town

Sober Drivers empowers you to make the responsible decision when it comes to drinking alcohol, by providing a reasonable alternative to impaired driving. We serve the entire Bay Area peninsula and are open by reservation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Whether you plan on having a night out or just had a few too many drinks, leave the driving to us. It is our mission to provide a reliable way to get you and your car home without the risks and dangers of driving under the influence.

iPhone App Coming Soon
iphone app
iphone app

Making the right decision about drinking and driving just got easier with our iphone app.